Turf Conversion Program

The City of Grand Junction is launching a Turf Conversion Program to help City water customers save money on their water bills and enhance their landscape.  

What is a Turf Conversion Program? 

This is also known as a lawn conversion, which removes turf grass lawns that require a lot of water while maintaining existing trees to create a beautiful water and climate-wise landscape that fits the local climate. A water-wise or xeriscape is not a rock scape. Water-wise landscapes can include native plants that attract pollinators, and fire-resistant plants and need to be very low to moderate water-loving that work well in our area.

The largest portion of residential water is used to water the landscape, so why not install lower watering-loving plants to save water and money? Rebates of $1 per square foot for turf replacement are available for approved applicants.

Qualifications for the Turf Conversion Program

  1. Be a City of Grand Junction Water user. Review your address to ensure you are within the service area
  2. Have living turf areas between 500-2000 square feet (Residential) or 500 - 3000 (Commercial or Non-Residential)

Properties that are all rock that have already been converted into a water-wise landscape do not qualify for the program 

Steps on how to apply for the program (Applications open from February - December 2024 or until funds are available): 

  1. Fill out the Turf Conversion Program application, (Spanish application). The application requires submission of multiple documents, review the checklist to ensure you are fully prepared to apply!  Spanish checklist.
  2. Complete your turf conversion and create a water-loving landscape! Review the Turf Conversion Guidebook for more information about how to create your new landscape. 
  3. Have a final inspection by the Water Conservation Specialist and submit receipts for the rebate.
  4. Receive your rebate funds and enjoy your new landscape! 

Sign up as a subscriber on the city Notify Me list to be notified about updates to the program.

Contact Us

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    Phone: 970-256-4187

    Email: susan.carter@gjcity.org