Ambulance Services 

Records Requests

  1. Non-Medical Records
  2. Medical Records

To request non-medical records (Fire, Haz-Mat, and Environmental) complete this records request form.

Grand Junction Ambulance Service Billing

  1. Billing Questions
  2. Online Bill Payment

For information on where to send billing correspondence or for any questions regarding your medical bill, please call Wittman Enterprises at 1-800-906-6552.

Request an Ambulance

  1. Dedicated Standby Contract
  2. Long Distance Transport Requirements
  3. Transports in Mesa County

You may use this Dedicated Standby Request Link or call the main administration line at (970) 549-5800 for ambulance contracts. Contract fee estimates are listed by crew type and hourly rate below under Ambulance Fees.

All ambulance dedicated standby contracts must me submitted 2 weeks prior to the day of the event. Failure to do so will result in the request being denied.

Ambulance Fees