Riverfront at Dos Rios

Riverfront at Dos Rios is a 58-acre mixed-use development in the heart of the City of Grand Junction. The project consists of 15.8 acres of parks and open space, 9.5 acres for light industrial/commercial, and 10.2 acres for mixed-use development. With unparalleled access to the river, trail systems, green space and downtown the City envisions this area as a vibrant neighborhood serving as a home, workplace, and play place for artisans, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Request for Proposals

Seen as a unique opportunity for a contemporary development, the City is currently seeking buyers for the available properties.

The City is also currently seeking Real Estate Broker Services for Property Located through a Request for Proposal within the project.

All responses to the request for proposal (RFP) must be submitted through the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

Any questions regarding the RFP should be directed to Duane Hoff, Senior Buyer:

Riverfront at Dos Rios For Sale Property

Geographic information systems (GIS) maps zoomed in to the Dos Rios property (parcel numbers 2945-221-21-002, 2945-221-18-002 through 006, 2945-221-01-008, 2945-221-01-005 and 2945-221-00-143)

Dos Rios Property Map Zoomed In