City Street Improvement Projects

North Avenue Projects

Although located within city limits, North Avenue is a State highway and is under the purview of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines that are located within North Avenue, are the responsibility of the City.

North Avenue Enhanced Transit Corridor Study

In 2022, the Regional Transportation Planning Office (RTPO) and the City of Grand Junction are led an Enhanced Transit Corridor Study on North Avenue from 1st Street to the I-70 Business Loop. This project defined a vision for the corridor and identified a set of prioritized street infrastructure projects to make the corridor more comfortable for people biking, walking, and taking transit. More information can be found on the North Avenue Enhanced Transit Corridor Study project website.

In 2024, the City will begin design on a project to construct detached multi-modal sidewalks along the north side of North Ave between 28 1/2 Road and I-70B as well as on the south side from 29 Road to I-70B.  Construction is anticipated in phases in both 2025 and 2026.  Mesa County secured transit funds through CDOT on September 1, 2021, Memorandum of Understanding.  Additionally, the City was successful in securing a CDOT Multimodal Options Fund grant and a Transportation Alternative Program grant.  The total project is estimated at $4,950,000 with $4,612,500 in grant funding, the remaining $337,500 is funded from the City's 3/4 cent sales tax.

I-70 B south of Rood Ave to 3rd Street Improvements 

The Colorado Department of Transportation is currently working on the reconstruction and realignment of I-70 B between Main Street and 3rd Street in Grand Junction. Milling, paving, new waterline, and storm drain will be installed. A pedestrian/bike path and ADA curb ramps are also included in the project scope. More information can be found at CDOT's project website at: CDOT I-70B South of Rood Project

2019 Ballot Initiative 2A / Transportation Capacity Upgrades

City Engineering staff are working on transportation capacity upgrade projects authorized by voters in November of 2019. 

  • 24 and G Road improvements are nearing completion, which have included widening 24 Road (Patterson Road to I-70) and G Road (23 1/2 Road to 24 1/2 Road). This project also included the construction of bike lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, a modern roundabout at the intersection of 24 Road & G Road. Final landscaping will be completed in Spring of 2024.
  • 24 Road Trail was completed in 2023 with the construction of approximately 3/8 of a mile of new trail along the east side of Leach Creek from G Road to connect to the existing trail just north of F 1/2 Road. This project completed the connection from Canyon View Park to Patterson Road and was funded in part by a grant through CDOT's Multi-Modal Options Fund (MMOF).
  • F 1/2 Parkway is planned to begin construction in 2024 with construction of a new 5-lane, multimodal arterial from 24 Road to 24 1/2 Road. The second phase of the project will be constructed in 2025 and will extend the improvements to 25 Road and include improvements along 25 Road to Patterson Road.
  • Horizon at G Road and 27 1/2 Road Intersection Improvements is nearing 30% design. Due to the safety improvements proposed, CDOT did award the City $1.5 million of Highway Safety Improvement Funds. This project is slated for 2022 construction. 

View a full list of 2024 Adopted Capital Budget Projects (PDF). For more information, contact Public Works at or 970-256-4082.

Street Maintenance Investments

One of the core functions of the municipal government is to maintain its street infrastructure. A road network that is in good condition is good for residents and good for the overall economy. 

Street Maintenance requires an ongoing annual commitment to maintain the City's $266 million worth of street assets.  A pavement management systems is used to evaluate pavement quality and prioritize street maintenance needs.  Parameters used to determine the pavement condition for major streets include ride quality, structural adequacy, and surface distress.   The City is divided into 12 Street Maintenance Areas (SMAs) with an area scheduled to receive a chip seal each year.   However, each of the streets in an SMA is analyzed for the proper treatment, whether that be a fog seal, chip seal, micro surface, overlay, or total reconstruction.  These projects are funded by the 0.75% sales tax.  In 2024, the City's street maintenance efforts will include $3,625,000 in investments:

a) Contract Street Maintenance $2,325,000 - The annual program includes contracting for street maintenance using treatments such as hot mix asphalt overlays, asphalt patching, high-density mineral bond (HA5), and street reconstructions.  This work is bid and contracted out.

b) Self-Performance Maintenance Chip Seal/Crackfill $1,300,000 - The City's crackfill program aims to fill cracks in all the road surfaces that are planned for chip seal, microsurface, or other light maintenance activity. Chipseal also enhances safety by providing good skid resistance.  These programs provide an effective moisture barrier for the underlying pavement against water intrusion and prevent deterioration of the asphalt surface from the effects of aging and oxidation due to water and sun.  This work has historically be completed with City staff and again will be self-performed in 2024.

Please note that North Avenue is also US Hwy 6 and falls under the maintenance jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).  Similarly State Hwy 340 (Broadway) and I-70B are all owned by CDOT, but by agreement light maintenance and snow plowing is conducted by City crews. 


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