Lincoln Park Arboretum

Lincoln Park Arboretum LogoLincoln Park is home of many extraordinary trees. The arboretum highlights sixty nine of the most notable trees along the way.

Thank You

Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers who spent endless time on this project. This has been an incredible journey for us all, a journey that would not have been obtainable had it not been for the effort of so many people.

Ryan Gibb, a local Eagle Scout, came to Grand Junction Parks and Recreation with an offer to provide his volunteer services to our community by way of a service project. Little did anyone know, but his services brought to life a decades-old dream for Grand Junction to have an arboretum to showcase the amazing trees in our community and parks. The Arboretum is an educational element of a larger renovation to Lincoln Park. It serves outdoor tree museum providing educational opportunities for the local schools, child care facilities, and higher educational institutions.

Ryan's work with the project consisted of placing 70 tree markers throughout the park. He rallied 35 volunteers to dig post holes, place the large posts, cement them in place, and finally stain all of them in preparation for plaques. Ryan's ability to plan, organize, and lead such a worthwhile project of immense community benefit will provide lasting impact to the users of Lincoln Park, the neighbors, the local schools, and visitors to the community for generations to come.

Strategic Goals

  • Provide informative research and creative educational programs for students and the public
  • Function as a living laboratory which resides in and complements the curricula of our local schools
  • Provide visitors with an inspirational and educational experience and an opportunity to connect to the natural world

Touring the Arboretum

Follow along with a virtual map right on your smartphone. Read about each tree species or watch the videos to learn more. 

Audio / Visual Tour