Where can I dispose of firearms/or ammunition?

Firearms can be disposed of at the Mesa County Landfill (3071 US Hwy 50, (970)256-9543) for a minimum fee of $5.00.  Citizens can also contact Van Gundy’s (645 4th Ave, (970)242-9500) if they would like to turn the firearm over to them to be scrapped.

To dispose of unwanted ammunition, contact the Mesa County Landfill Hazardous Waste Facility.  They are located at 3071 US Hwy 50, and their phone number is (970)256-9543.  They will accept ammunition up to 50 calibers, as well at Class C fireworks.  Drop off is free to the public.  Residents may drop off Thursday through Saturday, from 8:00 to 4:30, excluding County holidays.  Businesses are required to make an appointment in advance.

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