How do I sign up?

You can sign up online here: You will be asked your name, address, telephone and email information. If you want to receive alerts for more than one address, you simply need to enter the first address, click the "Save" button at the bottom, and then enter an additional address.  Repeat this process for each new address.

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1. What is the Emergency Notification System?
2. When will it be used?
3. How do I sign up?
4. Can I sign up if I don’t have a computer?
5. Will I still get emergency notifications if I don’t sign up?
6. What does it cost?
7. What if my phone number or my email address changes?
8. Will my contact information be shared with others?
9. What is the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center?
10. Having problems registering your address?
11. Who do I call if I'm having trouble registering online?