What is micromobility?

While it may be a new term, micromobility devices have been around us for decades—you may have even used one yourself!  The Federal Highway Administration defines micromobility as “any small, low-speed, human- or electric-powered device.”  This includes non-motorized devices like bicycles, skateboards, wheelchairs, or rollerblades.  Powered devices, such as e-bikes, electric scooters, or Segways may be less familiar to many, but their popularity is growing as they may provide users with alternate options to traditional conveyances.

Like a motor vehicle, a micromobility device can make it easier, faster, and more convenient to cover distance, when compared with walking.  Unlike a motor vehicle, the State of Colorado does not require a license to operate a micromobility device.  Thus, these devices can enable mobility for many when compared with motor vehicles.

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1. What is micromobility?
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