My store is not affected by the law, but I want to reduce bag use at my store, what can I do?

The rules for which stores are and are not affected by this law are automatic, which can be confusing for stores that would like to opt-in to a program to discourage single-use carryout bags. 

There are multiple options for stores that wish to reduce single-use carryout bags: 

  • Self-impose a policy for not providing single-use carryout bags. Many stores in town (including a grocery store in town) already have successfully implemented this sort of policy.
  • Provide discounts or other incentives to customers that bring their own bags. 
  • Self-impose a single-use carryout bag charge (more details below). 

Stores that are exempt from state law are allowed to charge their own self-imposed charge on carryout bags if they wish. The City of Grand Junction recommends this be a $0.10 fee to align with other stores in our community. Stores in this case are allowed to retain 100% of the revenue from this charge and do not have to remit any amount to the City of Grand Junction. However, this charge would be subject to sales tax as it would be categorized as a sale of an item: in this case, the store is selling a carryout bag for $0.10 each. 

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