Can I charge 10 cents on other items like plastic ware or boxes?

Yes, but this is not subject to the 4 cents of tax-free revenue as noted in HB21-1162. If you charge 10 cents on anything other than a plastic bag or paper bag that is a taxable item and must incur sales tax. 

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1. What does the law require and when does it go into effect?
2. What counts as a single-use carry-out bag, and are there exceptions?
3. Are there rules for what types of paper carryout bags that can be provided?
4. Which stores are affected by the bag fee and bag ban?*
5. Which stores are affected by the Polystyrene food container ban in 2024?
6. How can I avoid paying the fee as a customer?
7. What should I do if I think a store is not following the law?
8. Is signage required in the store?
9. How are fees charged and do they show up on a receipt?
10. What portion of the fee do the stores keep, and what portion is paid to the City of Grand Junction?
11. Does an affected store have to pay sales tax on the $0.04 portion of the bag fee they collect?
12. Are stores required to spend the funds retained from fee collection on anything specific?
13. What will the City of Grand Junction do with the $0.06 of the fee revenue?
14. When do affected stores need to provide payment City of Grand Junction?
15. My store is not affected by the law, but I want to reduce bag use at my store, what can I do?
16. What if I want to charge more than 10 cents?
17. Can I charge 10 cents on other items like plastic ware or boxes?