1. Ken Watkins

    Ken Watkins

    Fire Chief

    Ken Watkins has served as the Fire Chief since 2007. Prior to coming to Grand Junction, Chief Watkins held the positions of firefighter, firefighter-paramedic, lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, training chief, and deputy chief at a department in the Denver metro area.  Chief Watkins oversees the administration and leadership of the department. Having family ties to Grand Junction brought Chief Watkins here, but the professionalism and reputation of both the City of Grand Junction and the Grand Junction Fire Department are the reason he has stayed. Chief Watkins favorite hobbies are motorcycle touring and traveling.


    Gus Hendricks

    Deputy Chief of Administration

    Deputy Chief Gus Hendricks has worked for the Grand Junction Fire Department since 1999 and is currently the Deputy Chief of Administration and the Emergency Manager for the City of Grand Junction. Chief Hendricks oversees the human resources and budgetary needs for the department and maintains City emergency plans. Chief Hendricks started in Emergency Services in 1987 and previously worked for both volunteer and career departments in the Boulder, Colorado area.  Chief Hendricks chose to come to Grand Junction to work and play in the wide-open spaces.

  1. Chris Angermuller

    Chris Angermuller

    Deputy Chief of Operations

    Deputy Chief of Operations Chris Angermuller has been with the department since 2018, but previously held the positions of firefighter/EMT, training officer, battalion chief of training, and assistant chief at different departments across the country before joining GJFD. Chief Angermuller oversees everything relating to operations including  incident responses and apparatus. Chief Angermuller enjoys Grand Junction for its outdoor recreation opportunities; his favorite are hiking and attempting golf.


    Mark McIntire

    Interim Chief of Emergency Medical Services

    Interim Chief of Emergency Services Mark McIntire started his career in 1996 working as an EMT and later a paramedic in the Denver area. In 2008 Chief McIntire began working at Grand Junction Fire Department. In his time here, he has served as an EMS Officer, captain upgrade, firefighter/paramedic, quality assurance reviewer, and a training mentor. Chief McIntire oversees all EMS operations- everything from medical supplies and staffing to writing and obtaining grants for the EMS division. Chief McIntire enjoys time outdoors with his family in his time off.  

  1. Benjamin Blehm

    Benjamin Blehm

    Administrative Battalion Chief

    Battalion Chief Benjamin Blehm has been with the department since 2009 and has held the ranks of firefighter, firefighter-paramedic, medical officer, captain, and battalion chief prior to becoming an administrative battalion chief.  in 2021. Chief Blehm oversees fireground training and professional development for the department. Chief Blehm has grown up in the valley, is a graduate of Mesa State College (now CMU) and enjoys the outdoor recreation the Grand Valley has to offer. Chief Blehm is a mountain biker, but also enjoys all outdoors adventures with his family.

  1. Brian Chervany

    Brian Cherveny

    Battalion Chief

    Battalion Chief Brian Cherveny has been with the department since 2006 and has held the ranks of firefighter, captain, and is currently the battalion chief for A shift. Chief Cherveny oversees the operations division for his shift which includes all six stations of the department who respond to emergent and non-emergent calls.  Chief Cherveny loves Grand Junction's beauty and chose GJFD for its values. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors.

  1. Chris McCoy

    Chris McCoy

    Battalion Chief

    Battalion Chief Chris McCoy has been with the department since 2004 and has held the ranks of captain, training officer, and now battalion chief for B Shift. Chief McCoy oversees the operations division for his shift which includes all six stations of the department who respond to emergent and non-emergent calls. Chief McCoy always had a passion for firefighting and chose GJFD because of all that the valley has to offer. On his off time, Chief McCoy enjoys spending time with family and camping.