Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

Phase 3 of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan is Underway

The draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan is now available for public review, click here.  After reading, please take the survey and provide us with your input on the draft plan.  

There will be an Open House on February 22 from 5:30 - 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Park Barn.  The project team will be there to provide information about the draft Plan and seek public input on the recommendations.

Additional Outreach Events

The project team will be holding several community events between now and the Open House on February 22, 2023. Community members are invited to stop by to learn more about the draft Plan and provide their comments.

  • Mesa County Public Library Downtown:
    • When: February 2 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. and February 16 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. 
    • Where: 443 N. 6th Street in the lobby 
  • Guest on KAFM Radio Public Affairs 
    • When: February 8 at 12:45 p.m.
  • Winter Bike to Work Day
    • When: February 10 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    • Where: Gemini Beer Company, 640 White Ave
  • CMU Natural Resources Job Fair
    • When: February 15 from 3 – 5 p.m.
    • Where: CMU Meyer Ballroom, 1455 N 12th St
  • Open House - Virtual


Phase 2 of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan is Complete

In December 2022, the City project team completed phase 2, Network Plan Development, which included drafting the pedestrian and bike network maps, updating the Active Transportation Corridors, and developing recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle facilities.  These documents lay the foundations of the draft Plan and inform the vision, goals and objectives for implementing the Pedestrian and Bicycle network throughout Grand Junction.  The public will be able to view all of these documents in the draft Plan.

Phase 1 of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan is Complete

In October 2022, the City of Grand Junction completed phase 1, the Community Outreach and Existing Conditions Analysis. The project kicked-off in August 2022, with the selection of the 17-member Steering Committee comprised of community members. In addition to a survey conducted earlier this fall, the city’s community development and transportation staff conducted numerous community meetings and provided opportunities for the community to participate and provide feedback online as well as in-person at locations throughout the community. The result of the comprehensive community outreach is the Existing Conditions and Needs Assessment Report. The report will guide the infrastructure, policy, and programmatic recommendations in the forthcoming draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. 

The plan will provide a framework for the city on how and where to strategically make improvements and address gaps in the places people walk and bike, incorporating best practices in bicycle and pedestrian planning and design. This plan will also provide concrete, actionable guidance for the city to better implement its existing Complete Streets Policy by incorporating those policies within the goals and objectives of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.

Transportation Engineering Design Standards Update

The City of Grand Junction is also updating the Transportation Engineering Design Standards (TEDS) Manual. The manual contains transportation engineering standards that define all transportation improvements within the city. As such, the TEDS Manual will be a critical implementation tool for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The goal of the update will be to bring the document up to current industry standards, incorporating best practices in multimodal transportation and Complete Streets designs.

The TEDS update started in July 2022 with consultant selection and identifying a technical assistance committee (TAC) comprised of local developers and engineers and government agencies.  The first draft is currently being written and will be reviewed by the City, other local agencies, and the TAC prior to public review and comment.  Project completion is currently scheduled for June 2023.

Project Overview

In the fall of 2022, the City of Grand Junction embarked on the exciting process of developing the City’s first citywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan will envision the future pedestrian and bicycle network, prioritizing effective investments that will establish Grand Junction as a comfortable and welcoming place for people walking, rolling, and biking. 

As a part of the 2018 Circulation Plan, the City identified Active Transportation Corridors as important for non-motorized travel. These corridors will create Grand Junction’s backbone active transportation network, improving comfort for people walking, rolling, and biking as the City upgrades or completes pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan will refine that network to ensure it reflects the community’s current network vision and improves access to key destinations. It will identify the bicycle facility types most appropriate to each corridor. This plan will also assess barriers created by major intersections, identify high-injury crash locations, develop street cross-sections, and establish other implementation strategies so the City has a clear path for phased implementation of the bicycle and pedestrian network.

To support the implementation of the recommended projects, this plan will identify performance measures and potential funding sources. Performance measures can track progress toward plan objectives over time. This will provide a quantitative way to ensure that the City moves towards its defined goals and enhance accountability and transparency. Identifying potential funding sources will set the City up for success in grant applications and regional, state, and federal contributions. 

Get Involved!

Do you currently walk or bike in Grand Junction? Are you interested in making it safer and more comfortable to walk and bike in Grand Junction? Then we want to hear from you! Learn more about the project timeline, review documents, subscribe for updates, and leave your comments online at

Goals and Expected Outcomes

This project will result in the following outcomes: 

  • An assessment of existing conditions for people walking and biking including current infrastructure and missing gaps, travel and crash patterns, and existing city and regional programs, plans, and policies
  • Comprehensive engagement of the public and stakeholders to understand current challenges and opportunities for walking and biking based on the experiences of residents, visitors, and employees
  • A long-range vision and goals for the City’s active transportation programs, mobility, and multimodal infrastructure
  • A set of implementable, prioritized projects, policies, and programs
  • A map of priority bicycle and pedestrian corridors, with bicycle facility types identified
  • Performance measures to track implementation of the plan

Project Timeline

This project kicked off in August of 2022 and is expected to wrap up in April of 2023 with a final Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan that will be presented to City Council for adoption. There will be ongoing public comment opportunities during the drafting of the final plan in early 2023. 

PedBike Progress for Web

Steering Committee 

Members of the Steering Committee, selected by City Council, are responsible for attending a series of meetings throughout the duration of the project (September 2022 – April 2023). Meetings are held in person and/or online during the day or evenings. 

Selected committee members serve as a critical sounding board for the overall plan direction, and will review project goals and deadlines, research ideas, and promote community involvement. Most importantly, the steering committee helps ensure the final plan is inclusive, focuses on equitable distribution of resources, and reflects perspectives from individuals with a wide variety of experience and interests.


Contact the project manager at with questions and/or comments.