Mesa County Building Code Board of Appeals


The function of the Building Code Board of Appeals is to make special exceptions to the terms of the building code, formulate suggested amendments to the building code for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners; adopt substantive rules and regulations based on the provisions of the building code; may also hear appeals by any person aggrieved by his inability to obtain a building permit or by any officer, department, board, or bureau of the county affected by the granting or refusal of a building permit. Learn more at the Mesa County Building Code Board of Appeals website.


  • Meets as Necessary
  • Old County Courthouse
    Hearing Room
    544 Rood Avenue


  • Roy Anderson
    • Term Expires: December 2024
  • Thomas Cronk
    • Term Expires: December 2026
  • Steve Peterson
    • Term Expires: December 2024
  • David Reinertsen
    • Term Expires: December 2026
  • Ray Rickard
    • Term Expires: December 2026

Members must have experience and training in matters pertaining to building construction. Members, appointed by Mesa County with the concurrence of the City Council, need not be City residents. Terms last three years for the five-member board and expire in July.