Application Process

5 Steps Process ADKAR Model Diagram Brainstorm

Step 1 - Apply Online

Create an account and complete your application and personal history questionnaire. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for some tips on what you can do to prepare for the application process.

Step 2 - Telephone Interview

Lateral applicants may skip this step.
If you pass the initial application screening, you'll be invited to self-schedule a telephone interview. This initial interview will last about 15-20 minutes, and is usually comprised of about five questions. Visit the City of Grand Junction website for a lot of helpful information about our community.

Step 3 - Testing

We complete a variety of tests for police applicants. This includes a physical ability assessment. You can view a map of the course here. You can also watch this short overview video of the test here. Additionally, you will complete aptitude testing and suitability evaluation, intended to assess your compatibility for this line of work. 

To help you prepare, schedule a ride along with one of our officers and get a firsthand perspective of what policing in Grand Junction is like. Complete the application (PDF) and submit to be scheduled.

Step 4 - Oral Board

This is the more formal interview, or oral board. This board is comprised of sworn and civilian staff with the City of Grand Junction. This will be more in-depth than the phone interview. Come prepared to talk about what you know about our agency! Again, you'll want to be sure you've completed a ride along prior to this interview.

Step 5 - Background Investigation

This part can take a while. We'll do a lot of things any employer would do, such as check your references. Because of the high level of community trust and responsibility necessary to work in law enforcement, there are extra steps, as well; we'll complete a Computer Voice Stress Analysis (or CVSA), and get your fingerprints. We might also conduct a home visit.

Step 6 - Executive Interview

You're nearing the end of the process! Time to meet with our executive staff for a conversation about what we expect of our officers, and what you expect out of your career. If you're given a conditional offer of employment, we'll schedule a time for your medical and drug screen, as well as a psychological screening.