National Night Out Registered Events

Interested in attending a National Night Out event in your area, but not sure where to start?  Check out this list of registered gatherings and see if there is one near you!  If you don't see an event registered for your neighborhood, we encourage you to sign up and invite your neighbors to participate!  Check back often; we'll add new registered events as we receive them.

Address of the eventStart time of the event
3001 N 12th St5:00 PM
621 26 1/2 Rd5:00 PM
Independence Ranch at Wrangler Court6:00 PM
615 28 1/4 Rd - GJHA Village Park
5:30 PM
520 Court Rd - GJHA Arbor Vista
6:00 PM
1975 Barcelona Way - GJHA Linden Pointe
6:00 PM
4050 Ptarmigan Piazza
6:00 PM
Orchard Mesa Baptist Church 2748 B 1/2 Rd6:00 PM
2601 Belford Ave4:30 PM
825 White Ave5:30 PM
1404 Ute Ave5:30 PM
N 15th Street Court7:00 PM
2490 3/4 Park Vista St6:00 PM
Lutheran Church 840 N 11th St6:00 PM 
2015 N 21st St5:30 PM
2536 Brenna Way6:00 PM
Riverview Estates Subdivision6:00 PM